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I love Star Wars, but I must admit that I don't have many larger Star Wars sets. Besides the MicroFighters, there is a big gap in my collection. Let's see if this set can fill that gap a bit.

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Let's get the elephant out of the room, yes this is a Friends set, and I know that's going to immediately turn some of you off, but before you stop reading please give me a few minutes to tell you why you should buy this set. I've revealed the conclusion at the start of the review (a big review no-no) but I want you to love this set as much as I do. Hailing from the busy streets, tranquil meadows, adventure-filled jungles, and sleepy suburbs of Heartlake City, LEGO have opened Heartlake City's Amusement Pier, grab your fanny-pack, we're going to the seaside!

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I consider Creator 3 in 1 sets to be the closest theme to what Rebrickable is all about. Here's some parts, what can you build. Of course, these sets have hundreds of hours put into them to curate the parts to fit all models but essentially they are fun, versatile, and full of parts to add to your own MOC's. I wonder if this is a play 3-in-1 or a parts-pack 3-in-1, I call riding in the cow!

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Last update: 13/12/2019 07:44:53 (Amsterdam time)

It's November, traditionally a time of year where the January wave of new LEGO sets is revealed. We've put all known 2020 sets in a nice overview for you. We regulary update this list. If you are...

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I have built exactly 2 Brickheadz before this set. I have last years Christmas ones that I got cheap in January but saved til this Christmas, and the Back to the Future ones waiting to be built. The two I built are Homer Simpson and Krusty the Clown. I was surprised to find them really good builds. They had nice little secrets, and really good techniques. Unforunately I was late to the Brickheadz game, The Simpsons double pack were the last licensed ones released before the themes slowdown. In 2019 we have only had seasonal releases and some promotional ones. I liked the offerings but it wasn't until the Ghost and Scarecrow that I saw some I would actually buy. I'm luckily enough to have gotten a Scarecrow from LEGO to review, the Ghost is all for me!

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