How would you like your MOC to appear on LEGO's social media pages such as Facebook or Instagram?

The LEGO Community Team are seeking certain themed MOCs to be featured on their social media pages for special events throughout April and May.

If you would like to have your MOC considered, simply submit and tag your MOC with the appropriate tag shown below before the deadline. I've linked the tags to the search results for all MOCs using that tag.

Newly submitted MOCs as well as existing MOCs will be considered. Your MOC can be Free or Premium too. However, to make it easier for LEGO to make use of it, it would be best to avoid anything that includes IP owned by other companies - eg Star Wars.


Deadline 3rd April

Theme Tag
National Pet Day lego-pet-day
National Sibling Day lego-sibling-day
World Art Day lego-world-art-day
Earth Day lego-earth-day
National Superhero Day lego-superhero-day

NOTE - submissions for the National Superhero Day can include DC or Marvel superheroes but it will require additional approval from the IP partners.


Deadline 29th April

Theme Tag
Cinco de Mayo lego-cinco-de-mayo
Mother's Day lego-mothers-day
Best Friend's Day lego-best-friends-day
Father's Day lego-fathers-day
First Day of Summer lego-first-day-summer

On the deadline dates, I will collate the submitted entries and present them to LEGO for consideration. Note that nothing is guaranteed!


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