Trains and Disney. Two large interest-groups, combined in one set. All on board!


The Set
The Box
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The Minifigures
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The Disney Train is one of the iconic attractions of Disney World, circling the original park. Apparently. Because as a Dutch guy, I don't know a lot about a family park in the US. I did play a lot with the old 12V train system, but not to an extent that I know every model ever made, or make MOCs. The main reason I picked this set to review, is because it seems to be a set that a lot of people would like. It is for Disney fans, it's for train fans, and the design, maybe without the stickered parts, would fit easily in the LEGO City in your attic.
Normally I build and write the reviews myself, but after one look of my wife on the box, she decided for us that we will do this one together. So over the span of a few weeks, we build one or 2 bags together in the evening, when the children were sleeping. I must say, that despite she is a slower builder than me, which required some patience, doing this together was great. I can highly recommend this as some quality time. During the build, we're having more conversations than during a Netflix binge. Also, together you'll notice more details and possible 'faults' in the set. I hope that that will make the review better.

The Set

Gather the family for a rewarding build and play experience with the LEGO® ǀ Disney 71044 Train and Station. Kids will love to join Disney characters Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Chip, Dale and Goofy for magical adventures with this awesome LEGO train set, featuring a motorized steam-style locomotive with tender, passenger car and a luxurious parlor car, plus an oval track and an iconic Disney Parks®-style station building. This set comes with an array of cool details, including app-controlled functionality. Use a smart phone or tablet to drive the locomotive forward, reverse and emit realistic sound effects. Joining up the train cars is simple with the magnetic LEGO couplings, and the panels on the parlor car open for access to its detailed interior complete with table, armchairs, teapot and cup. And the fun doesn’t end there! Inside the toy train station building there’s an array of intricate brick-built furnishings and details, including draped windows, wall clock, ceiling chandelier and a tower room with a little LEGO surprise!

The Box

The box measures 122 x 478 x 580 mm, and weighs 4090 gr. Inside we find 18 numbered bags, 1 set of straight tracks, 4 sets of curved tracks, train wheels, train buffer beams, several large plates, a PoweredUp hub, a train motor, 4 instruction manuals, and 3 sticker sheets.

The Instructions

There are 4 instruction manuals. They measure 273 x 194 mm. Book 1 has some information on the real-life station and train, and builds bags 1-3 in 83 pages. Book 2 builds bags 4 and 5 in 40 pages. Book 3 builds bags 6 and 7 in 51 pages. Together, books 1-3 builds the train part of the set. Book 4 is the thickest and builds the entire station. It covers bags 8-18 in 219 pages. Not sure why this is arranged like this. The only thing I can come up with is maybe you can let your kid / less experienced spouse build the smaller train sections, and build the big station yourself?
The pdf can be downloaded here.

The Parts

The set contains 2923 parts and 66 spare parts, in 29 colors and 37 part categories, with a total of 512 unique parts/color combinations.
Main colors are:

  • Black: 104 unique parts, 437 quantity.
  • Red: 80 unique parts, 423 quantity.
  • Tan: 57 unique parts, 350 quantity.
  • Light Bluish Gray: 50 unique parts, 380 quantity.

Main categories are:

  • Plates: 103 unique parts, 598 quantity.
  • Plates Special: 61 unique parts, 385 quantity.
  • Tiles: 54 unique parts, 304 quantity.
  • Bricks: 30 unique parts, 186 quantity.

There are a lot of new parts, new prints and new part/color combinations. Especially interesting is the new train wheels and holder. Earlier versions used an 70720 - Train Wheel, Metal Axle 5 to hold the 2879 - Train Wheel in place in the 2878 - Train Wheel RC Train, Holder. In the new system, the new 38340 - Train Wheel RC Train 16.6 x 23 have axles molded on them, directly click into the 38339 - Train Wheel RC Train, Holder, Open Axle Holder.

The other new parts are Minifig parts and a new mold-variation of a familiar door:

New prints:

These parts are new in their color:

And lastly, these parts are rare in their color:


The set comes with 5 minifigures. Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Chip and Dale have appeared before, but have new prints. A completely new face is Goofy, who has a new molded head.


The Build

The build starts with the locomotive, covered in bag 1 and 2. There is a lot of SNOT involved in this part. The end result looks great in the Dark Green/Red color scheme.
Few notes: On the front of the box, Mickey is looking out the window. The only way to do that is by removing his head, stick his neck through the window and re-attach his head.
The door of the furnace doesn't open. It would have been nice if that was possible, with a sticker of a fire behind it.


Bag 3 builds the coal cart. Hidden inside it the PowerUp hub, and underneath is the train motor. On the side are 2 87079 Tile 2 x 4 with Groove. The both have a sticker, which should line up. But with my hand-coordination, this is bound to be crooked. I understand that, in order to keep the cost down (it's already is a pricy set), this couldn't be done with printed parts. I wish there was a Tile 2 x 8 that could have been used.

Bags 4 and 5 build the first passenger cart. The roof section looks nice in the white and blue pattern, but it does become a bit repetitive. As the Dutch saying goes: Beauty comes with pain. The roof can be opened to place minifgures on the seats.

Bags 6 and 7 builds the luxury passenger cart. Ther are some nice building techniques involved, making it possible to take out one of the walls for an inside view. Around the roof there are more tiles with a series of stickers that should line up. Since there is only text, it;s less noticeable when they are a little crooked.

And that concludes the train section of the set. All in all, it looks beautiful. The color scheme gives it a Christmas feeling. This would fit nicely in a winter village (maybe without the white/blue passenger cart).

Then it's on to the station. Bag 8 lays the ground work for the building. I must say: it's bigger than I expected. From the box art, where the station is in the background, I figured the train to be the main build, and the station as a smaller add-on. But this is going in the direction of Modular size! Okay, maybe half. The Dark Red masonairy bricks look beautiful with the Light Bluish Grey corners. Side note: Those 3069b Tiles 1 x 2 on 4070 Headlight Bricks as corner bricks gives a nice texture to the build. But there are 60 of them. We decided that while one of us builds the bag, the other prepares the corner bricks. As you can see in the photos, it's hard to keep the lamps straight.
Something seems to have gone wrong with my camera, so I don't have photos from bags 9 and 10 and 11. Bags 9 and 10 complete the first floor. Bag 11 adds the interior to the first floor. These photos are taken after the build was finished. (And after our youngest daughter made the umbrellas disappear)

Bag 12 starts the second floor. I like the addition of Tan to the color scheme. The only thing that bothers me is the addition of (I guess?) drain pipes to the front of the building. I know, that these are also in the real-life model, but I think they totally disrupt the design of the front. I've taken a comparison photo of the front with and without the pipes. I also removed the sign that is added with the last bag.


Bag 13 builds the left side of the second floor. The technique used for the windows looks amazing. One thing we both agree on is the weird color-use for the roof. The Medium Flesh just doesn't seem to fit. In the real-life model, this is un-painted wood. We're not sure which other color to use, but this just looks off. (please don't see the wrong placed plate)

Bag 14 builds the middle part of the second floor. The windows use the same technique as the previous part of the build.

Bag 15 finishes the outside of the second floor. The right side continuous the Dark Red masonry bricks. The walls are only connected to each other through the 1 x 2 Tiles, making the whole thing a bit wobbly until you add the plates on top in the last step. I had to re-add the 1 x 2 Tiles on multiple occasions.


Bag 16 finished the 2nd floor with the interior. Those model trains are a great micro-build.

Bag 17 builds the top of the tower.


Bag 18 finishes the tower, and adds the last detailing, including a sign on the front that kinda disrupts the look, and a lot of black handcuffs as a decoration along the top of the roof. That was not a fun part of the build...

A very nice touch is a micro-version of the 71040-1 The Disney Castle in the top of the tower. Since that set is beyond my budget, it's nice to have it in some form.

In charge of numbering, Yoda was...


And then the verdict: Should you buy this set?
In short: If the budget allows it: yes. We had a great time building this beauty, and the end result will please any Disney and/or train-fan. The train has a great atmosphere that will also fit in for instance a Christmas display, or even a regular train collection. The station is a good representation of the original, despite the weird Medium Flesh roof. Take off the Disney flags, and you can add it to your LEGO city, so it's not just for Disney fans.
There are some flaws to mention. I already talked about the color of the roof. Another point is the amount of stickers. There are 3 sticker sheets with a total of 50 stickers! And yes, it's probably done to lower the cost. The set is already €329,-, coming down on 11 cent per piece. But I really dislike the number of stickers that are next to each other, showing off my incapable fingers. For the price: Well, it is a licensed set, with a lot of new parts, prints and part/color combos. And don't forget the PoweredUp elements. That is probably also why there is no remote control. Luckily I have a phone. For what you get, it's a reasonable price.
A very nitpicking thing is the usage of other bricks in between the masonry bricks on the walls. The only way to prevent this, is using a 2-stud wide wall, so I'll give it a pass.

In the end, we both think that the design and building experience far outweighs the smaller flaws. And if you get this set, build it together with someone.
Regards and keep building, Tobias & Rienke

Disclaimer: This LEGO set was kindly provided for review by The LEGO Group. Anything said in this post is the opinion of the author and not The LEGO Group.
Parts- and build photographs by Tobymac (© 2020 Rebrickable)


  • 1 month, 2 weeks ago rhosain Level 2
    I  am  always  interested  in trains I love  this model as it has  more  details  then then the Hogwarts  express  as I have  it  the building station  is much bigger  and more details. m
  • 2 months ago Pioneer4x4 Level 13 MOC Designer
    I wasn't very interested in this set, mainly because I do spend a good bit already and wanted to avoid getting sucked into wanted the Disney Castle as well.  But I do think this review made me reconsider this set.  I have a fair bit of winter/Christmas sets that I actually put on display this year, and my wife seemed to like them.  This set would blend well I think, maybe "De-Disneyed" a smidge, maybe no.
  • 2 months ago udomino Level 6
    Thanks for the review. There will be printed parts for this set soon, non-official of course, but the existing parts I bought are of excellent quality.
  • 2 months ago Lebostein Level 8
    The engine and some wagons of the Disney Train are too wide for other LEGO train stations and MOCS (results in collisions). Why LEGO ignores its own conventions?
  • 2 months ago degu Level 7
    Thanks for the nice review! On sale at Shop Online for € 230 in November/December it was much better value.
    The pieces should definitely have been printed imho, especially considering the price.
    One way of applying stickers in a decent way would be to use the flat tip of a knife to attach the sticker to, then align it, and carefully apply the sticker. If something goes wrong, it shouldn't be a problem to remove the sticker by using the knife tip to peel off the sticker and apply it for a second time. Works great for me!
    • 2 months ago DisneyKrayzie Level 6
      A break separator works great for this as well for applying stickers.
  • 2 months ago jamesdm Level 10
    It’s a lovely set to look at but overpriced in my mind.
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