2019 Top 10 Sets...

...according to your trusted Admin team. The New Year is upon us, we wanted to share some our our personal favorites from the past 12 months. This list is based purely on sets we enjoyed most (for whatever reason) and not any specific criteria. Enjoy!

Number 10 - 70677-1 Land Bounty

Opening our list is from LEGO's own Ninjago theme. Set 70677-1 Land Bounty is the second largest Ninjago set released this year, that's especially impressive considering this is based on a vehicle. Tobymac reviewed this set (read it here) and was impressed by the accessability despite the complexity. Concluding his review saying "The build is very enjoyable, and the end result looks amazing."

It packed in a bunch of new elements, a lot utilizing the modern Dual Injection process. And more red than is found in a strawberry field. This set did have a high price tag though, with a part cost of 11c, it's definately on the higher end for a non-licensed theme set.

Number 9 - 42210-1 Land Rover Defender

Next, another set reviewed by us (this may be a recurring theme!). The Technic 42110-1 Land Rover Defender gave us a ton of technic, all packed in a realistic model, covered in Olive Green! The new element count for this set is a whopping 22. With 2 totally new parts, and 20 parts in new colors, Olive Green contributing largely to that number.

This was a favorite of Tobymac citing he preffered this to the larger 42100-1 Liebherr due to the amount of Technic involved, whereas the Liebherr had a lot of electronics.

The set already has several Modifications submitted by our community. From a display stand to motorization mods, it's clear this was a fan favorite set.

Number 8 - 75948-1 Hogwarts Clock Tower

The most festive set on our list (sorry Gingerbread House) 75948-1 Hogwarts Clock Tower gives us a surpringly large set for a decent price. Full of details to please the most hardcore Potter-head, the set is a pleasing build and tons of fun. I reviewed this set this year and enjoyed the build, but was a little let down by some missed opportunities. Nevertheless, this set proved why Harry Potter continues to be a popular theme.

Number 7 - 41381-1 Rescue Mission Boat

Probably a controversial entry next. Hailing from Heartlake City, Friends set 41381-1 Rescue Mission Boat. Containing so much of LEGO's new color Coral and recently popular Dark Turquoise (first introduced in 1998), the set is bright and is definately memorable (in a good or bad way depending on your viewpoint).

The boat offers multiple levels, similar to how modulars are built, and gives us more nautical elements than ever before. The Narwhal is especially awesome!

Check out Tobymac's review here.

Number 6 - 42098-1 Car Transporter

This entry is a personal one for me. Coming out of my LEGO dark ages I didn't really get back into Technic. My LEGO love is cityscapes. But I was fortunate enough to build this set for an upcoming review and I was like a 13 year old again. I couldn't believe how fun and interesting and challenging and just how awesome Technic is. Consider me a born again Technic fan. Of all the sets I've built this year, this may not be my favorite but it's definately had the biggest impact on me.

The actual set is huge, full of interactivity, and looks awesome. It is so much fun my son won't let me take it apart to build the B model (which is delaying my review!). It also contains so many beams and panels, the parts alone make this a great set for MOC building.

Number 5 - 70825-1 Queen Watevra's Build Whatever Box!

This one wil surprsie you. The LEGO Movie 2 sets were largely ignored as most fans were underwhelmed by the offerings. Maybe we just hit Unikitty fatigue! But 70825-1 - Queen Watevra's Build Whatever Box! delivered a fun, versatile set in the style of the Classic Theme. Without adding spoilers for those with TLM2 still on their watchlist, the character Queen Watevra plays a significant role in the movie. She's a living LEGO set, changing her appearance using a pile of LEGO elements. Her musical number is a highlight of the movie. With this set we can recreate her, it is LEGO at its purest, you are limited only by your imagination.

When I asked the team about this article Thea said this about the set "It was so much fun when the family visited". Sometimes we forget LEGO is a toy, this set doesn't let you forget that.

Number 4 - 71044-1 - Disney Train and Station

Set 71044-1 - Disney Train and Station was an easy win for LEGO. Disney has such a huge built-in audience, it was bound to sell well. The Disney Castle is 4 years old now and they still haven't retired it. On top of that it's a train set. LEGO trains are incredibly popular.

An instant hit with Tobymac (he will be doing a review soon) this set was almost certainly going to be on our top 10 list even with the controversay surrounding the new wheel elements (how could it not with such an inventive use of Part 61482 Handcuffs).

Number 3 - 70840-1 Welcome to Apocalypseburg

My favorite set takes bronze. Set 70840-1 - Welcome to Apocalypseburg combines everything I love about LEGO. Interesting techniques, impressive final model, city building, and it keeps my kids busy playing with it. 

Designer Justin Ramsden has become very popular, designing some of LEGO's best sets in recent years (Hogwarts and Stranger Things being for example). His work here, fitting all the amazing details of that huge wasteland city from The LEGO Movie 2 into a managable model, is just outstanding. I love building a set and just being in awe of how something was designed. This set made me sit back and say wow more than a handful of times.

It comes packed with minifigs from the movie, but honestly, I don't really care about them. The City carries the set and raises it to the peak of Mount LEGO.

Number 2 - 42100-1 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

This was probably the most hyped set of the year. LEGO spared no expense promoting the heck out of it. And with such a high pricetag they probably had to. But set 42100-1 - Liebherr R9800 Excavator deserved every single bit of attention it received. Tobaymacs review (read here) showed just what a behemouth this set is. With 2 hubs, 3 XL motors, and 4 L motors, this set was not messing around. LEGO wanted to give us a beast. 

It claimed the title for largest LEGO Technic set ever, even though LEGO used 100 of Part 3941 Brick Round 2 x 2 as rocks, they are not actually used in the model and without them the set would be 48 parts less than the next biggest. But even if it wasn't the biggest it would certainly be one of the most impressive.


The Leibherr didn't disappoint, and it's no suprise it made it's way to number 2. But which set beat it? What could possibly be better than the Liebherr? Could it be this guy?


Number 1 - 10266-1 NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander

Sorry for getting Watermelon Dudes fans hopes up, but naturally gold goes to the goldiest gold set ever released. 10266-1 - NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander was released to commemorate the incredible acheivement of landing on the moon. Not the first model of the lunar lander LEGO have made but certainly the most detailed. It is truly a thing of beauty. This is not your LEGO Space set from the 80's that's for sure. Read Tobymacs review here for a full run-down of why this set takes first place.


That's it. I'm sure theres some surprises on this list, but that's what makes LEGO so great, we all take away something different (and create something else!) Let us know your favorites in the comments.

Here's to a great 2020,

Build on,


Anything said in this post is the opinion of the author and not The LEGO Group.
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  • 2 months, 3 weeks ago eisi77 Level 5
    This is a very different list then any other I have seen...
    It ist good to see that there are a lot of opinions and that other people love other things.
    Im my list, the Central Perk, the Mustang, the Gingerbread house and the Treehouse would make the Top 4...
  • 2 months, 3 weeks ago Flav0ured Level 7 MOC Designer
    Great list. I love trains!!! But I wonder why the Ford Mustang (10265) didn't make it into your top ten...
  • 2 months, 3 weeks ago Ronald Level 11
    I just finished the  42098 Car Transporter and it's a lot better than expected.
    Half way the build some repetition so bit boring, but there are 6-7 functions at the end.
    I have added a lot of Power Function with 2x Buwizz and it is fantastic!
    For driving I have added the 5292 buggy motor and now it's strong and fast. Very easy to add the buggy motor at the back of the truck. I have also added a second differential but it's not necessary. Also the servo motor for steering is very easy to add. For steering you need to reduce the gearing with a 16 and 20 tooth gears.
    The Transporter has 4 movable ramps and the cabin can tilt forward. So I have added 5 motors (2x XL, 3x M) so almost everything is remote controlled.
    Eventually I want to do a "Knight Rider" so driving a car onto the Transporter when both are driving!
  • 3 months ago evrtstudio Level 5
    Great list. Personally I don’t have most of these, and likely never will unfortunately. But I think I will pick up the Clock Tower after reading this. Thanks!
  • The modular landing on the moon is the one I mostly liked out of this list... really love the looks and the design so accurate and full of details.
  • Land rover at  and transporter at 5. surely this is backwards. Apollo at 1 is definitely true. its an awesome build.
    looking forward to top ten MOC's review.
  • 3 months ago Sletschin Level 34 PRO
    Great list. For me, 21318-1, the Ideas Treehouse, has to earn a place on this year's top 10. It may have been one of the most enjoyable builds I've done in the past decade. But it's also good to know that there are more of this top 10 waiting on my "to be built" pile...
  • 3 months ago dkressin Level 7 MOC Designer
    Based on the hover-text of every set image in this article, are you sure your favorite set isn't really 10173-1 Holiday Train?  :-P
  • 3 months ago Pioneer4x4 Level 13 MOC Designer
    Nice article, thanks.  Nice to know I have 2 of the sets on the list, and I agree that 10266 Lunar Lander is excellent, plus a great learning experience.  I also have the Hogwarts Clock Tower which I will be building this weekend.
  • 3 months ago Verkadejr Level 3
    Well it's a good and complete list...one thing that I would change is the places of the Landrover and the Liebherr, I would switch them...and that's because of the perfect technic set which the Landrover is against another digger with one big problem....the new hub and motor's, the motor's can timeout if they have to give to much power and for the collectors it isn't interesting to switch over to an all new motor hub set-up
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