Last modified March 13, 2019 by Nathan

MOCPlans Migration

The site was shut down in November 2017. Most of the MOCs for sale there can now be bought on Rebrickable.

How do I access the plans I purchased?

After logging in with the email used at, you can download any of your purchased instructions via the Account  > MOC Purchases page.

I can't logon

If you did not already have an account at Rebrickable, and you had purchased instructions at MOCPlans, an account will have been automatically created for you here. However, it will be initially disabled and to enable it you will need to reset your password via the logon page.

My purchases are not here!

Some designers did not wish their MOC instructions to be transferred to Rebrickable. In these cases, you will need to contact the designer directly to make alternative arrangements.

Different Email Address

If you use a different email address on Rebrickable than what you had on MOCPlans, you can request a transfer of the purchases from one account to another by:

  • sending me an email at [email protected] FROM your Rebrickable email address so I can verify your identity
  • state your MOCPlans email address
  • include at least one Order# that you received from MOCPlans so I can verify the purchase