Last modified Jan. 19, 2020 by Nathan

Rebrickable Designer Plan Features

In addition to the Pro Plan Features, the Designer Plan has some extras.

Prioritised Promotions

Rebrickable contains several "Featured MOCs" spots which display MOCs in a prominent location for users to discover. These spots are exclusively for MOCs from designers in the Designer Plan. Any Premium MOCs you have will get additional views this way.

Advanced MOC Analytics

View the last 6 months of data, or you can export the whole lot to CSV files for your own custom analysis.

Your MOC views are separated into "normal" and "promoted" views. If the user found your MOC via one of the various "Featured MOCs" spots on Rebrickable, it is counted as a promoted view.

View your Top Designer ranking over time, to help see the impacts of your MOC submissions.

You can also configure your own Google Analytics tracking ID which will then be inserted into your profile and MOC pages. This will allow you to see the full user session and e-commerce tracking data.

Social Media Promotions

Rebrickable shares MOC submissions via it's social media channels when it is expected they will be popular - at the discretion of the admin team. As a member of the Designer Plan, every MOC submission is guaranteed to be shared.

Current social media pages are: FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram. These may change as we try other platforms.

Normally, shared MOCs are added to a queue which means they get posted within 1-2 weeks of approval. However, Designer Plan MOCs are published within a few hours. You can also configure your Twitter/Facebook accounts to get automatically linked mentions in the posts to help drive traffic to your own social media pages.