Last modified Aug. 25, 2019 by Nathan

Rebrickable Pro Plan Features

See also details for the Designer Plan Features.

Higher Limits

Store your huge LEGO collection in our database with a much higher storage quota. Limits are listed at Help Guide - Plans.

You can see how close you are to your limits from the  tooltips on your lists.

Automatic Backups

Backups of all your lists (Set Lists, Part Lists, Custom Lists) are taken automatically every day, giving you some peace of mind that your LEGO collection will remain accurate. Any mistakes can be recovered from a backup. See Help Guide - Backups for more details on how to use this feature.

Change Logging

Every time you make a change to your sets or parts, it will be logged. You can search through your logs to find out what you may have done at any point in the last six months. You can also use the Undo buttons to reverse individual changes from your change log.

Store Favourites/Blacklists/Filters

Keep track of the stores you like and the ones you don't like by marking them as Favourites or Blacklisted. Favourite stores are highlighted in any listings allowing you to quickly find them. Blacklisted stores are not shown in any listings until you remove them from your blacklist (found under  > Settings > Buying LEGO tab).

There are also additional store filters to hide affiliate stores such as Amazon, eBay and LEGO Shop.

Personalisation Settings

Under the  Settings > Personalisation tab play around with some extra settings such as banner/page colors, more screen widths.

You can also tweak how the menus work, e.g. disabling the sticky header and adding drop down menus for your Set/Part Lists directly from the topbar navigation.

Part Notes and Set Notes

You can attach extra notes to individual sets and parts in your LEGO collection. These notes can contain whatever text you want. There are also a few extra special purpose fields - Location, Is Used, Is Stickered - that you can use and will show up in the drill down filters when browsing your sets and parts for easier categorisation and searching.

Click a Part in your Part Lists to access it's Part Summary popup and click the My Part Notes tab.

Click the  Edit Set icon on a Set in your Set Lists and click the My Set Notes tab.

Custom Color Matching

When the Build Engine is in Similar Color matching mode, based on your settings, it modifies the colors of each part to get better matching. Instead of using the defaults, you can customise what colors are considered "similar" enough to be a match.

Customise your colors from the  Settings > Building LEGO tab.

Build Color Switching

For any Set/MOC/List, you can easily swap it's colors around. For example, say you like a MOC of a red supercar but don't have many red parts. Switch the red to another color, say white, and then see what your new Build matching % is.

It's smart enough to not change special purpose parts or those that only come in a single color.

On a Set or MOC details page, click the  Switch Colors button.

Advanced MOC Analytics

For MOC designers (i.e. anyone who has submitted a MOC to Rebrickable), you can see more analytics data (3 months vs 1 month on Free Plan). Plus track more statistics such as Likes, Downloads, Follows, Unfollows per day. 

Access your MOC Analytics page from the  > MOC Analytics.

Monthly Pro Raffle Draws

If you have an active Pro or Designer Plan at the end of the month, you are automatically eligible for that month's Pro Raffle draw.

Every month, we randomly select one of our active Pro Plan users as the winner of that month's prize. This is usually about $100 worth of LEGO of their choice, but sometimes the prize may be higher if it is a special sponsored prize. All previous competition/raffle winners can be seen in the Competitions page. Plus, winners get a trophy on their profile :)