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Submitting Images and Photos

At no time can you upload or display content that violates The LEGO Group's copyright. This includes images with the LEGO Logo. See LEGO's Fair Play Policy for more details.

Set Images

When submitting LEGO Sets to our database, you need to provide an image. Also, for some very old sets, we do not have an image, and on the Set Details page you'll see the following message "We have no image for this Set! If you can contribute, please Submit a Change Request. Note that images must be either official images, or your own photos. We do not accept photos taken from other sites that you did not originally create yourself. See the Terms of Service for details."

If you submit a new image for a set, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • an image may be download from
  • or from (if it is ©
  • an image may be photographed yourself
  • or rendered yourself from a LEGO Digital Designer LXF file
  • or scanned yourself from a paper catalog

Images from any other source will be rejected!

Presuming an image is legal (see above), we have the following preferences:

  • any image is better then no image
  • a LEGO model image is better then a self made LDD/LDRAW rendered image
  • for regular sets, a model is best, a box is better then a catalog scan
  • for supplemental sets, a catalog scan is best, a box is better then part images
  • for foil packs, monthly builds and advent daily builds, a model is best
  • for super packs, a box is best

Please use an image at least 1000px wide. Smaller images will be automatically scaled up and will look blocky. Square or horizontal aspect ratios (i.e. images that have their width > height) will generally look and fit better on Rebrickable pages.

Part Images

For many of our parts we are still lacking good photographs. If you own any of those parts, and you want to help, please follow these guidelines.

Crop your photo so that the part is centered and takes up as much room in the square as possible. Some suggestions for ensuring your photos are used:

  • White background
  • Single part per photo
  • Correct coloring
  • Part is in focus
  • Minimal shadow
  • Minimum 500 x 500px
  • Consistent orientation for all colors

In some cases we may accept multiple photos for the same part/color, if it shows additional views of important details on the part.

More information about Part Images can be found in the forum.