Last modified June 17, 2019 by Nathan

Manage your LEGO Collection

There are two main ways to record your LEGO Collection in Rebrickable:

  • Set Lists - (Beginner users) Record your boxed Sets and Rebrickable will automatically know what Parts you own from the Set Inventories.
  • Part Lists - (Advanced users) Record your individual loose LEGO Parts - more effort but more flexibility.

You can use just one method or a combination of both. You can change your mind later by moving LEGO parts from one to the other by parting-out/combining parts if you need to.

How you record your LEGO Collection comes down to personal preference. It really depends on how you physically store it all, and how you use it when Building.

For details on how to add Sets and Parts to your collection see the Set Lists and Part Lists topics.


Rebrickable will use the Sets and Parts you enter into your collection to perform Build calculations for Sets and MOCs. You can customise each List to indicate if you want that List to be included in the Build calculations or not. You might want to exclude some, for example, if you have a List of Sets you do not want to dismantle for rebuilding purposes.

It will also attempt to provide you the estimated worth of your collection in your LEGO Collection  page. This will only be as accurate as your collection and the available pricing data from integrated stores.

Backup your Collection

You can take manual backups of your Set/Part Lists as well as any Custom Lists you have created at any time by exporting them individually to Rebrickable CSV files. In fact, it is very highly recommended you do so if you are making lots of changes, to prevent accidental changes from destroying your work.

Additionally, if you have the Pro Plan, you will have backups of all your Lists done automatically every day by Rebrickable. See Help Guide - Backups for more information.

External Website Integration

Your LEGO Collection can be transferred to and from other external websites that are supported: Brickset, BrickLink, BrickOwl.

This helps you keep everything up to date as you grow (or shrink!) your collection.