Last modified Nov. 21, 2017 by Simon

Liked MOCs

Browsing through the MOCs (main menu: MOCS > Browse MOCs) you might notice a MOC you really like, and you want to keep track of it. Perhaps you want to build it yourself, or study it for inspiration. In order to keep a list of all MOc you like, just use Liked MOCs. And by liking a MOC, you give the MOC Designer an indication that someone out there likes their work!


To show all your liked MOCs, select your Profile and then select Liked MOCs.

The Liked MOCs page contains a special set list with sort options (Year, Name, Number of Parts, Added), Drill Downs and a counter line. If you don't have any Liked MOCs, you'll see a information box with the following text "You have no Liked MOCs - To Like MOCs click the "Like MOC" button on any MOC's page."


To add a MOC to your Liked MOCs, select the MOC to open the MOC Details page. Below the number of Followers, you'll see the current number of Likes. Press the Like MOC button to add the MOC to your Liked MOCs list. In the top-left corner of your screen you'll see a confirmation (You have Liked this MOC) and the Like MOC button changes a to Liked! button.

You can't like the same MOC twice.


To delete a MOC from your Liked MOCs, first select the overview page and select the MOC. Press the Liked! button to remove the MOC. When done, you'll see a confirmation (You have Un-Liked this MOC), and the Liked! button changes to a Like MOC button.