4882 Demon walker




This is a companion model to the Demon Buster. If I make a kind of mecha robot but only the top half I should try to make one that looks like a bottom half where the arms of the Demon Buster will be used as the legs. I have the fortune of having two sets of 4882 so I was able to test how I could fit the two models together so it would look like one big mecha robot or a combined spaceship. That is also how I started the model. I first had to decide on the front part that would connect with the top half. After that I started with the legs because I did not know which parts I would need for them to make it works. The leftover parts would be the front body that would resemble the hips of the mecha robot. The legs came fairly easily although I had to make some choices on how to make working legs. The main body or top half took a bit more of a puzzle. I had only a few small wing plates left so I needed to use them effectively. Oddly enough when I made the cockpit the best solution was to make it look rather similar to the demon mask of the Demon Buster, so as a result there is not doubt that this is a companion piece. The standup (mecha) version works quite nicely and looks good. I am happy this challenge to make a companion piece worked out so well.

For this special case I have added a separate picture for the spaceship version of the Demon Walker. This is not a Transformer and there is too much wait on the double hinge parts to keep it in line, so there are some stabilizer parts to keep the legs together so that the spaceship holds up. They are easy to remove and add. The lego designer file is made for the spaceship version.

There is also a third position in which the Demon Walker can be set with the top half set horizontal and using the legs backwards. Setting that up in a stabile way is tricky, but I added a picture of it as well. But with regard to playability this model is very good because it works in multiple ways.
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Name 4882 Demon walker
Designer drosse
Designed 2018
Inventory 115 parts
Theme Designer Sets
Alternate Build of 4882-1 Speed Wings
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