4882 Chasm thruster




I did not really have a plan for this model. I wanted to do something with the long curved bottom parts. I put them together and started playing with setups to connect them together so I could use them as an extension for the body. Considering the limited options the main parts for the central body were quickly chosen. After that I had to decide for the front and back sections. As I had already used most of the long curved bottom parts the easiest solution was to put the long curved top parts sideways and the advantage was that they would form a natural extension for the sideways set legs/claws of the main body. To add a bit more substance I added the wing plates and with that decided what would be front and back. The long wing plates formed the back but were rather extensive, and because I was playing with ideas, I decided to try to put the backend perpendicular and see how that would look. Suddenly the shape started to make sense. This was now a kind of creature based machine. I added a tail section to give it an even more dynamic feeling. Suddenly I was done and there weren't enough parts left to finish it. The result looks pretty cool although I have no clue what it is supposed to be, so I gave it a non-descriptive name which popped up in my head. The only flaw is that the backend is too heavy so you cannot really put the model on its own legs alone. For the picture I cheated by putting the large rudder beneath and out of view, but the model also looks fine if you put the legs at a low angle.
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Name 4882 Chasm thruster
Designer drosse
Designed 2018
Inventory 133 parts
Theme Designer Sets
Alternate Build of 4882-1 Speed Wings
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