Liebherr LR 11000 Crawler Crane




Hello guys! At last I can represent to all of you my latest MOC. It's a Lego Technic Liebherr LR 11000 Crawler Crane.
I tried to build a copy of a famous Liebherr-brand crawler crane. If to be honest it was my dream to build a human-high technic crane.
This model is approx two meters high. It has five independent winches! Real crane has six, but two of them goes to one hook, what was not necessary to represent in lego version.
Except string crane is build of 100% Lego. As a counterweight I used three big battery boxes in the superstructure and three ones in the additional counterweight carriage.
Below I will list crane's functions.

1,2) Chassis drive and steering - one L motor for each track. 
3) Superstructure rotation
4) Operator's cabin uplifting via small linear actuator
5) Main boom winch
6) Luffing Jib winch -  winch is located on the main boom like in the original model
7) First hook  winch
8) Second hook winch - winch is located on the main boom like in the original model

1) Derrick boom winch  - needs only when assembling/disassembling crane
2) Addiction counterweight extensioin - need to balance crane under heavy loads
3) Addiction counterweight up/low - need to balance crane under heavy loads or without a load
4) Addiction counterweight steering  - need to steer wheels in the counterweight carriage when superstructure rotating and need to make wheels parallel to move crane forward or backward 
5) Chassis uplifting - chassis have installed four small linear actuators which can lift the chassis under the ground to put on tracks like in the real Liebherr!!

As TLG doesn't have any pulleys of 0.5 stud wide and with the pin hole in the center and 3D parts are too expensive I decided to drill the original ones. 
Firstly I used 4 mm drill to make a round hole instead of an axle, after 4,5 mm and finished with the 5 mm drill. No any part was broke.

All pneumatics are included in the parts list. I use tubes from 8110 & 42043 sets.

Crane uses 3d party strings!
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Name Liebherr LR 11000 Crawler Crane
Designer OleJka
Designed 2018
Inventory 3645 parts
Theme Technic
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