1/2 Scale Mack Anthem Container Trailer




It's finally here, a half scale remote control container trailer.

It has 3 remote control functions:
- Lowering / raising the stabilizer feet
- Raising / lowering the upper container arm
- Raising / lowering the main container arm
All driven by 2 motors: 1 motor is used to select the function and the other is used to drive the function

When I released the Mini Mack Anthem 6 months ago, I said the trailer was still a work in progress, well it has been, in one form or another I have been working on this project for probably 7 months now, it's been started from scratch 5 times using different approaches to try to create a mini container trailer that actually worked, I thought the truck part was a challenge, but the trailer has been by far the bigger challenge.

It incorporates a gearbox to select the different functions, using a worm gear to slide the connecting cog back & forward, the black cogs on either side are driven directly and have one of the new blue cogs I've stolen from my bugatti on the opposite side connected to each of the functions, depending on where the central connecting cog is positioned determines with function gets driven.

The dual sets of worm gears to drive the stabilizer feet help to gear down this function to be at a similar speed to the other 2, and also locks feet in place whilst the container is being lifted off.

Manual functions include: 
- A wind down stand
- Small storage door at the back for chains
- And the container has opening doors which have a simple locking mechanism

I have also made it for the 40 foot container, as at 1/2 scale part count is not so much of an issue.

So there we have it, a 1/2 scale fully remote control version of the Mack Anthem.

Happy Building.
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Name 1/2 Scale Mack Anthem Container Trailer
Designer LegoGlen
Designed 2019
Inventory 798 parts
Theme Technic
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