4100 Window tumbler




Sometimes you just have to make something weird. The idea of a window frame popped into my head as I realized I had a nice set of long plates which would allow me to make a nice square and the bricks to attach them together. So what would I do with the hole in the middle? I had connectors with which I could make something tumble in the middle. From that point onward I started to build inside the frame, aiming to fit something in that would allow it to keep turning around while making it as large as possible while keeping it looking good. That wasn't that easy. I had already used up quite a few bricks so I had to make some amends to how far I could get. In the end it wasn't that much of a struggle although I did move some things around to get the look and feel right. With the remaining parts I enriched the frame with some more quirky elements. While the model is peculiar, I do like it, perhaps because it is so odd. So what is it supposed to be and why does the window tumble? Making up explanations is the extra fun of the model.
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Name 4100 Window tumbler
Designer drosse
Designed 2019
Inventory 178 parts
Theme Designer Sets
Alternate Build of 4100-1 Maximum Wheels
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