Löwenstein Castle - Official Expansion




ATTENTION: These instructions are ONLY for the expansion for the original Löwenstein Castle Set by Raziel Regulus and Bricklink's AFOL Designer Program. Pictures show the two models combined. 

If you bought more than one Löwenstein Castle Set, you can download it's parts list here to compare and find out which parts you still need in addition to your second Löwenstein set to complete this expansion.

The official expansion for Löwenstein Castle is here!

This model not only closes the original set off at the back, it also expands on it with new buildings and rooms. 
The following elements are added to Löwenstein Castle:

  • a storage room, next to the kitchen
  • an alcove with a private chapel for the lord's family, next to their chambers
  • a half-timbered house with sleeping quarters for the castle's common folk
  • a vault with an armory
  • an underground pond, expanding the castle's secret whine cellar
  • a watch tower
  • another crenelated wall
  • a small jetty on a pond for fishing
  • two additional spruces

The instructions include the steps to build the new parts of the castle as well as changed steps for the original Löwenstein that modify the model to enable the connection to the expansion.

It is therefore recommended that you build the expansion BEFORE the original set!

The guys at Bricklink have made an unboxing video of Löwenstein Castle, also showing off the expansion (timecode 10:10).

Example pictures:

Dimensions of the combined model:
  • width: 55,1 cm / 22,7 "
  • length: 42,2 cm / 16,6 "
  • hight: 36,7 cm / 14,4 "

Building note: The medium dark flesh "Tile, Round 1 x 1 with Brown Ring, White Spots and Dark Red Dot Pattern" added at book 1, step 244 is not yet registered at Rebrickable and therefore not part of the parts inventory.

If you have any questions/ suggestions/ problems, please reach out to me at facebook.com/RazielRegulus or in the comments below! You can also email me at [email protected]

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Name Löwenstein Castle - Official Expansion
Designer Raziel_Regulus
Designed 2019
Inventory 1626 parts
Theme Castle
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