Ford F-150 Hoonitruck




Ken block shared this build on his Instagram!!
This truck has been in the works for 1 year now. Ken Block is a massive inspiration to so many, and his vehicles are par to none, true unicorns. I've tried to recreate all of the features and looks of the real truck, bone crushingly fast, only the raw essentials and power. It comes loaded with brand new suspension with the large soft shocks, and I must say it is the best suspension I've ever built. Incredibly springy and playable, mated to all 4 tires - burning rubber.

Hoonitruck - follow @loxlego by lachlan cameron, on Flickr
 This is the fastest a 1:8 scale car can go, when mated to the most powerful Buwizz batteries. Two shocks are attached to the doors that spring open and shut, 2 springs for the E-brake and transmission, openable hood. In the rear you have 2 fans that buzz twice as fast as the wheels, and a twin turbo V6 so fast the pistons could fly off at any minute. The steering wheel turns when the wheels turn, and there is an HOG gear behind the rear axles if you chose manual over the RC version. The Truck has  2 buggy motors driven by 2 buwizz, with the options for 2x XL motors or completely manual.

The buwizz has 4 speed options, so you can drive this truck as fast or slow as you like :)

If you have the Bugatti set PN 42083-1 or the rough terrain crane PN 42082-1, you will have 52% of the parts for this truck.
You can make changes to the part list for a cheaper build:

PLEASE NOTE!  2X Buwizz batteries are not in the part list! 

Motor options:
2 Buwizz and 2 buggy motors
1 or 2 buwizz and 2 XL motors
Manual truck (HOG) - remove all electronics from the part list 

link for the buwizz!

 Bubul is the legend behind all the spectacular chrome bits, Jaap Technic is the mastermind behind the full sticker wrap, and @ptg_snake custom designed the 3D printed rims. Please hoon  responsibly 😀

The Lego Car Blog: 

Find all your chrome parts here!

Stickers by Jaap:

I have separated the part list - below is the link for all parts except chrome items: 

Chrome only list:

**The part list below replaces all chrome items into DGB (dark bluish grey) for the wing and seats, and LBG (light bluish grey) for roll cages and other areas.

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Name Ford F-150 Hoonitruck
Designer Loxlego
Designed 2020
Inventory 3428 parts
Theme Technic > Model
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