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  • 1 week, 2 days ago Capparezza Level 6
    Quite simple builds, very fast to assemble. Nevertheless I think both flowers are pretty decent and the price per part ratio is very good. Still undecided if I should gift it to someone or keep it for the parts.
  • 5 months, 1 week ago Capparezza Level 6
    Looks terrific. Especially the ladder used as venting grille on top.
  • 7 months ago Capparezza Level 6
    Thanks for that review, just brought back some good old memories. Ooooh what a nice trip down Memory Lane. I remember that I had my leg broken and had it plastered. Couldn't leave the house for 3 weeks. Then my uncle showed up with this enornmous box, wrapped in gift paper. It was the 8868! I was almost glad to have my leg broken.... :D
    The next 3 days I had an awesome time figuring the build out. As you stated yourself, instructions haven't been like today. Lots of parts per step and sometimes you have to backtrack and remove some parts again, just because you misinterpreted a step 2 pages earlier. But hell, it did make a lot of fun and I was pretty proud of myself when it was finished and everything was working as it should.
    Cheers, Chris
  • 11 months ago Capparezza Level 6
    Nice model, love Discworld and your rendition is just on spot!